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Our Story

 “Trust” and “Relationships” are words commonly used in the alternative investment industry. And we agree - both are paramount for investors who rely on close networks for ideas sourcing, and for managers to establish credibility, secure capital commitments, and foster long-lasting partnerships. 


Advancements in technology and the evolution of strategies in the alternative investment industry have been beneficial in increasing the options and information available to investors and expanding the reach and ease of information dissemination for managers. However, the industry has also become less personal, leaving investors feeling overwhelmed by information overload and oftentimes overlooking high quality relevant managers.  


BridgeWood was formed in 2018 with a mission to build a platform capturing the benefits of global scale while maintaining the core foundation of trust and relationships. Leveraging a combination of our proprietary network and curated global partnership platform, we help address the challenges for both managers and investors by providing investors with high quality, relevant and tailored solutions ensuring these managers are not lost amidst the noise.


Our Core

Help Make
The Unfamiliar, Familiar

Less familiar does not necessarily mean higher risk. We strive to help investors access off-the-run opportunities with potential to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Value Efficiency


We recognize the value of both investors' and managers' time. We aspire to fully understand the investment strategies and investor preferences to make the most effective connections. 

Elevate Success Through


We employ a solutions based approach, combining our own proprietary relationships with a curated global network, enhancing scale and value add to managers and investors alike.

Mission, Purpose & Values

Our Mission

To be a trusted, value-additive partner to investors as well as managers by fostering longstanding and meaningful relationships. 

Our Purpose

To provide investors with unique alpha-centric ideas, comprehensive information, and best-in-class service so they are well-equipped to make informed investment decisions. 

To help high caliber managers best position themselves and their firms for success within an increasing competitive global marketplace.

Our Values

  • Build deep relationships

  • Establish and maintain trust

  • Be honest, objective, and ethical

  • Be knowledgeable about our offerings

Global Partner Network

Proprietary Network
Global Partnerships
Value Add for Managers and Investors
Global Partner Network
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