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Our Story

The ability of alternative funds to generate alpha has steadily eroded over the past decade. Among other things, increased market efficiency has led to a decline in returns. Studies have indicated that alpha is more readily available in less trafficked markets and asset classes where inefficiencies are more prevalent.  


BridgeWood was founded to help alternative investors improve their potential for investment success by accessing compelling opportunities in markets we believe are inefficient.


We specialize in more unfamiliar, difficult to access, and misunderstood strategies often ignored by more typical approaches to discovery. By taking a long term, consultative approach, we allow investors to be more opportunistic by helping to solve for "too difficult", "too far", and "too new".  

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Help Make
The Unfamiliar, Familiar

Less familiar does not necessarily mean higher risk. We strive to help investors access off-the-run opportunities with potential to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Alternative Investments Are Bought, Not Sold


We employ a consultative approach to provide investors with the resources, access, and support to make independent and informed decisions.

Our Core Principles

Putting Investors' Interests


We aim to fully understand investor needs, preferences, and objectives in an effort to introduce more targeted and relevant opportunities.  

Mission, Purpose & Values

Our Mission

To be a trusted, value-additive partner to investors as well as managers by fostering longstanding and meaningful relationships. 

Our Purpose

To provide investors with unique alpha-centric ideas, comprehensive information, and best-in-class service so they are well-equipped to make informed investment decisions. 

To help high caliber managers best position themselves and their firms for success within an increasing competitive global marketplace.

Our Values

  • Build deep relationships

  • Establish and maintain trust

  • Be honest, objective, and ethical

  • Be knowledgeable about our offerings

Global Partner Network

Proprietary Network
Global Partnerships
Value Add for Managers and Investors
Global Partner Network
BridgeWood Alternative Asset Managers

"We work with specialized alternative asset managers that often fall under the radar of institutional investors. In many cases, our managers have achieved existing institutional sponsorship yet remain less discovered by the broader market." 

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