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Bridging the Gap

Connecting progressive investors with unique and differentiated sources of alpha across the globe

We are a boutique advisory and placement firm that strives to understand the nuances and intricacies of each individual client. 

With extensive backgrounds in alternative investments, robust networks, and an international footprint, we are well placed to bridge the global sourcing and information gap for institutional investors.

Advancing An Alternative Perspective


Asian Alternatives

We leverage extensive experience and connectivity in Asia to  uncover alpha-centric strategies in less efficient markets and asset classes throughout the region.


Niche Strategies

We source differentiated global opportunities to help investors connect with unique under-the-radar investments that may otherwise remain undiscovered.


Partnership Approach

We believe investors and managers are best served by a collaborative effort, and work closely with a trusted network of like-minded distribution firms.

“Our diverse collective experience, global industry networks and reach, and consultative approach afford us the ability to add significant value to both investors and asset managers.”


Contact Us

BridgeWood Alternatives


Suite 2, 9A On Hing Building

1-9 On Hing Terrace

Central, Hong Kong


1270 Avenue of Americas, 7th Floor,
New York, NY 10020 
United States


*A registered office of Delphos MMJ

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